How to activate graphs on this website

Our website makes use of Adobe Flash, to display graphs and due to recent security changes by both Microsoft and Adobe, you must be using the most recent version of Adobe flash player and browser plugin to see the graphs here. We are actively trying to update our graphing solution to use a more cross-browser compatible language as well at this time.

1. Update any adobe products you may already have installed through there control panel icons.
2. Get the latest browser flash player and browser plugin at
3. Note: if you use multiple browsers, the above needs to be done for each browser, (In IE, EDGE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, opera, ETC...)
4. Return to our site, and allow the browser to display flash (How the browser ask depends on the browser type, some may have a box saying activate flash plugin, or some may issue a pop-up). Oddly enough chrome sometimes does not ask all and you will want to click the green secure icon on the top of the page and manually set the site permission on flash from (use global default) to always allow on this site before it will work.